a question Dr. Roy


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what exactly did you mean by "Pseudosquilla ciliata, the cats of the manitis shrimp family. "
I was curious what you meant by that.
I've spent hundreds of hours in the field watching P. ciliata hunt and the way that they stalk prey and slink through turtle and eel grass reminds me of cats.

thanks Dr. Roy. I wasn't sure if you meant that they demanded attention and then acted like you didn't exist when you looked at them, like my cats... ; )

I posted this elsewhere, but you mentioned you were looking for commercial suppliers. Tbsaltwater.com sells them, then again, you might well be the "guy on the west coast" that they mentioned when I said I was looking for one.

maybe you should offer to build mantis traps for their LR holding tanks, since everyone seems to get mantis's of their rock, including me.