About a year Old Now - BiMac


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Just thought I'd update ya all about Octavious. He's about one now. In a 29 with a CPR BakPak2, Mini404 and 4" southdown, 1 liverock. No cover on the tank ever, he's been a good octopus :)
sorry about the size of the photo I didnt realize the new maxsize 51200 ouch.
Eating his Krill

Eating his Krill

In this photo he was changing to the manmade cave color to eat his krill.
Last One - Close Up

Last One - Close Up

I cropped out a portion so you could see the skin texture. He is eating krill here also, same sequence.
Hello NHreefer,

Nice pictures! Is that freeze dried or frozen krill? I may try to give mine some if it is freeze dried as I feed it to some of my fish.

Hey Mike. Thanks. Ya it's the Tetra Dried Krill. I put it on a stick and let him chase it, if I don't have fresh food, I give him 2 of the bigger ones in the can.
Hi everybody. Nice pics! That's a cool octo. I thought Bimacs only lived like 9 months! I just got a new octo tonight (my second one). I think it must be a bimac, because it has large black eyspots. Its full grown and wild caught, so I have no idea how old it is or how long it will live, but it seemed freindly, and I felt sorry for it, sitting in a bare bottomed 40 gal tank with NO rocks or decorations of any sort at an LFS. My first octo was a tank raised bimac from FFE last fall. Lived two months before it got some sort of skin ifection and died. I hope this one does better! I'm going to try to attach some pics as soon as I can cox him out!
Great job, 12 months is a record out here for a wild caught specimen. Congradulations, gotta love the low water temps!
1 1/2 years before escape

1 1/2 years before escape

I had one do great for about a year and a half than climb out of the tank. Fed it crayfish and other fresh water crabs. In 29 gallon tank