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Activated Carbon.
I had posed a question over on the newbies board and got a decent answer, but I wanted to get another opinion......

I have an Eheim 2229 filter. Right now I have all 3 trays filled with the Ehfi Substrate..Strictly biological filter, but some mechanical I assume.

Would it make sense to have a tray filled with carbon? Are there any drawbacks other than making sure that it isn't in there when the carbs are full?

Also, do I NEED to put the carbon in a bag? Can I just put it in the basket? What are the guidelines here?

Any input appreciated!

Alas, there are no rules for carbon use... its applications (or not) are as varied as the aquarists that employ them.

My prefence is to use carbon changed in small portions weekly (i.e. 1 oz per X gallons weekly rather than 4 oz per X gallons monthly). That negates the convenience of a canister which can generally go longer between service than a quick/hang-on filter. Not to mention that even the best canister filter is generally slower/harder to service than a hang-on.

IMO leave the Eheim for mechanical and biological... and use a hang-on filter or bag/sachel in the sump (even passively) for small weekly changes of carbon quick and easily.

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The eheim 2229 cannister is not that difficult to swap trays... It can be done in 30 seconds. If that is the case, having carbon in there would be beneficial? I do have an old hang on biowheel that I could just take out the wheel, but that would just be another unsightly thing hanging on the back. I do not have a sump unfortunately. The major question is do I HAVE to place the carbon in a bag...what is the function of this? I assume it is to keep the carbon in place, but if I have the basket in the eheim, It would do that.