Addin BRS Pukani Dry rock to existing tank with fish


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Hey folks, I have a 60 gallon established tank with 45 lbs of Cycled BRS Pukani live rock. Unfortunately "for my wife" my tank has cracked so I used it as a valid excuse to get all of my fish to a 90 gallon system. The only problem is that this requires more live rock. I've been cycling 40 lbs of Pukani dry rock in a bin for the last month and all of the parameters measure zero except for nitrates of course. I'm wondering, is it safe to move everything and everyone over to the new 90 gallon tank now? I only have one return pump or else I would run both systems. I need some advice since I'm looking to do this move this weekend. I was going to move everything over including the most of the tank water and the old sand. I have a bag of new sand I'm going to be adding as well. is this ok to do this? I don't see a problem since everything is cycled. well my original rock cycle in my 60 gallon is done cycling totally, where as the new rock is now done it's nitrogen cycle.


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Only thing is Pukani rock is very pourous and therefore often has a lot of dead stuff hidden inside of it. Would be best to cycle it outside of the tank, especially since you have livestock.


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I did what you plan to do and the key is using well cured LR as well as dumping old sand and using only new sand.