Adobe Acrobat option?


Has the staff given any thought to making "Reefkeeping..." available as an Adobe Acrobat file in addition to allowing people to read it online? Having the magazine on the web is a great resource, however, it would be great if we could also download the entire issue and print it out every month. I've done this (i.e. printed it out) with Aquarium Frontiers and Aquarium.Net in the past as it makes locating the information much easier when getting online isn't an option. Plus a person can use Adobe Acrobat to search thru multiple issues to find the information quickly.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Shane. Yes, not only have we considered it but we ordered a copy of Acrobat and will be trying to learn how to use it and see how difficult or easy it will be to do. Thanks for the feedback.
I have Acrobat 5.0 and tried this yesterday. It wasn't too bad-- it basically lets you open a URL and then it converts it to a PDF, chasing any/all links.

BUT, I had to choose the "stay on the same server" option (I also chose to go 999 levels deep-- it let's you go deeper) because it ran into a section (Eric Borneman's) that had a link to the Reef Central's The Coral Forum, and you can imagine how many links it can chase from there (it basically hung). It took only about 1-2 minutes (on a broadband connection). Any links to other servers are still active in the document, but will automatically open a web browser.

JohnL, I have a 4mb document (haven't checked it all yet for completeness) if you want a preview.