Advise on saving a Hipppus


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I'm going to pick up a 5 to 6" hippopus tonight. The clam has sustained life in there lps tank for about a month. They are using b-inoc (2 part) and feeding DT's in this system. The clam is responsive. When looking at over the top the clam almost looks to be receeding from the top rim of his shell maybe a 1/16th of an inch. But is still able to close and open.

The tank that he'll be going in is a AGA 75 RR with 2 uhio 10k 175 MH with PC actanic supl. Water flow is mid hieght of the tank and flows nice over my other 3 clams. (t-max croecea dersa)

I'm looking for advise on placement. lighting cycles. feeding. As I know this clam is in stress already.

My water is stable and on the money. The only level that is high would be calcium it's at 480mg/l IMO clams seem to like a little extra calcium. There is a 34 gal reefugium underneath the 75 that is also doing exstreamly well.

Again any advise and or tips would be great.

Thanks all,
RE: Saving a hippopus

RE: Saving a hippopus

I'm picking the clam up from a LFS.

I should of added that in the first post.

Hippopus is different from most giant clams beacuase it's mantle does not go behond the edge of it's shell. If the mantle is receeding on a hippopus the chances are slim on this clam living. They are a deep water clam in the wild. If it is a farm raised clam he can handle more lighting. I have a 10 plus incher than sits on the bottom of a 24 inch deep tank. Eight inches above him is a 400 watt 10,000 H2 bulb. He enjoys a light feeding of DTs. Also I have alot of fish in this tank, this also helps clams. If you are set on geeting him I would place him on the bottom of your tank. What lighting is he under at the store? What is the PH, Alk, and SG? Are you able to see the strawberry colored lines on its shell?

Here is the scoop.

Lights - 2 110 VHO split daylight actanic

The LFS's water -

ph - 8.1

SG - 1.024

calcium - 420mg/l

nitrates - 5 - 10 ppm

nitrites - 5 - 10 ppm

I got this in conversation with the person runing the "fish" dept.

I put a half tea spoon of DT's in the bag as I added water all of 45 minutes.

Here are a few pic's of the clam.



On the way home I noticed the clam was opening up (Good signs). Once in the tank I dosed with some phytoplankton after 30 minutes the clam opened up thus far (^ above). I hope this clam doesn't look to be in bad shape. The current from where he is placed is medium/light more on the light gental side.

I hope this helps in your opinion of what kind of shape this guy is in?

That is (bulldog) good looking hippopus. Watch the mantle color on that guy, if it starts to lighten in color he is getting to much light. From the pictures he looks to be doing fine. Take a nitrate reading of your tank. I would be interested in the next couple of weeks to see if your nitrate readings drop. The hippopus, gigas and derasa clam really suck the nitrates. Your CA levels are real good-watch a big clam like your new one can bring that level down pretty fast.
Good luck and keep us posted you do not see many hippopus clams.
Thanks for the reply Jim.

I will take readings tonight and try to post them.

WOW "Bulldog" hippopus....

Intresting that you commented on the color wash.

The clam in the store looked pale without color. Once acclimated into my tank. After 30 or so minutes he opened up and got darker.

I can build a ledge if he washes out. But I think I'm on the right track.

-DEEP BREATH- as I hope this guy is on the road to recovery.

Thanks again,

My calcium is 460 mg/l

Nitrates on a hagen test kit is 0 - 5 ppm

I didn't test everything as my water runs very clean. I'm just doing regular dosing.

I'm going to take more pic's of my new friend "bully".

Also of the tank that way you can get a good look at the conditions he is under.

So far so good :)

Please take more pictures I would like to put Bully on my website ? GREAT name!