AGA Mega Flow Tanks


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Does anyone have AGA's web site or info on a 135 long? What I'm looking for is the center measurement of the overflow boxes from each corner of the tank. Tank deminsions are 72" by 18" deep. I'm custom building a stand for one of these and I want to keep cross bracing out the way of the drain and return hookups. I have seen a picture of the placement of the internal boxes but need actual deminsions


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Sorry, I meant the 150g. I was looking at an Oceanic 135g. Either way the footprints are the same only the heights are different


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The boxes are overflow boxes or rather cornerflow as AGA\Aqueon calls them.

Since the overflow boxes are located in the corners (Depending how old the tank is) and if the size of the drain and fill holes are the same size, (again depending on how old the tank is) I would measure underneath the tank around the frame paying close attention to the rear corners where the boxes are.

If you are making a custom tank, I would think that full access to the tank would be granted to you. That is the only way to be sure that you are giving the owner exactly what they are looking for.

Aqueon and All Glass Aquarium (AGA) are one and the same. Just a rebranding to enter into a market that is already over saturated with inferior heaters, filters, fishfoods, etc.