Aiptasia and Super Glue


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Found a small Aiptasia on the shell of my clam, decided to fix it today:idea:. I did not use Aiptasia-X, instead took my clam to the surface of my reef tank, so as to expose the shell that has the aiptasia. Used fine twizzers to scrap him off and also made sure none of the aiptasia fragments entered the reef tank:hammer:. Clean dried the area with tissue paper and after drying the shell applied superglue to the area and waiting 5 mins before placing the clam back into the reef tank:dance:. See the attached pictures. Even if there is any remnant of the aiptasia, it will be under the super glue. Even though I had Aiptasia-X, tried not to use it, because, if the aiptasia bursts, then it will disperse more cells into the tank.


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Way to go nip it in the bud! I just injected a majanos with kaulk and it detached so I was able to remove the whole thing! Voila!

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Good plan in this case. I don't know what stray aiptasia x would do to the clam mantle, but I wouldn't want to be the one to find out.