Aiptasia problem


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I have this frag that I got with a Kenya Tree on it. Just so happens there is a small colony of what I think are zoas near the bottom of the rock. Unfortunately, there are about 6, 1 large, and a bunch of small aiptasia attached to the rock among the zoas. How can I get rid of the aiptasia without harming the zoas?

Aiptasia is not the bubonic plague: nothing will die immediately because one is in the tank: I have a fair crop I battle with peppermint shrimp, etc, and I'm slowly winning. They're not desirables, however. The reason for getting rid of them piecemeal is so your water doesn't suffer.
I've had them nest among zoa with no great trouble, nothing died, but the xenia sure doesn't like them: I have one next to a xenia colony---they collide at least once a day in the current, and both recoil. If these shrimp don't get busy, I'm headed for the syringe method.
When you use the joe's juice you target the aiptasia with a syringe and mine took a couple of aplications to kill but it never came back, I tried the peppermint shrimp but mine never went to eat them( this is not always true with all shrimp). Check the post by bertoni on the other aiptasia killing applications
Joe's Juice might not harm the zoanthids in any case, but try to keep it away from them if you go that route. I tried killing Xenia with Joe's Juice, but it didn't do any harm at all.
Joe's juice works great. I has the same situation in my tank and the Joe's juice worked perfectly. It does not take very much to kill them and if you do it as the directions indicate, "turn off all pumps and powerheads" the juice will go right where you put it.

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