Another blue-ring pic


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I just got back from a collecting trip to Northern Queensland. Those of you you have read my FAMA article on blue-rings might remember the story I told about my daughter encountering a blue-ring on Lizard Island. It was probably a new species and I have been keeping an eye out for them ever since. Well, this trip I got two males. Thought you might like to see a picture of one of these fellows.

very nice pic Roy.

You got someone working on the ID of the animals?

Did the student ever complete her work on the aculeatus look-a-likes?

Crissy is finishing up on the Indonesian species. In fact, she was on Lizard Island with me last week and is still there. It turns out that this species if fairly common in North Queensland.

Mark Norman partially described the Lizard Blue-ring in his dissertation. It just needs a formal description which we have been talking about.

i would say for 100% that this is the most commonly imported species into the UK, so a wide distribution would certainly make sense there.

Shame they are a small egg species as they would be a great aquacultured species for the home aquarium! Many people have mature females that lay viable eggs but no luck feeding them.

Another case of a species imported as an adult with a few weeks to live :(
Gorgeous Blue Ring. Still don't wanna keep one in my aquarium though! LOL

Trying to get a dwarf octo from the Gulf...

I would love to have a mimic. You think you could pick me up one of those Doc?