Any issues building using wood?


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When I build a stand for an aquarium, I usually construct it out of wood. In a greenhouse however, it would seem to me that wood is a bad choice to build stands. I am worried about the humidity rotting it out and causing a collapse of some sort. What are your thoughts on the use of wood for stand construction in a greenhouse aquaculture facility? The stands I am thinking about must be able to support 300 gallon Rubbermaid containers. If wood is not a good material, are there plastic products that can be used as stands? Thanks.
Wood is fine my friend... has been used for decades and lasts as long. Once you see enough plant greenhouses or others you will understand :)

A successful GH has so much air flow and such good floor drainage (often crushed limestone) that some plant growers water their stock and the aqua streams down the wood daily and it still lasts for years! Heat, fast drying, etc

There are fine plastics available but most have the issue of UV instability (like many fiberglass products). To get a good and UV stable plastic will be dear for most folks.

If you don't have a cheap outlet for tem... have faith that wood will be fine. If you feel frisky, give it a coat of epoxy (marine paint, tub&tile paint, pool paint, etc).

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There is a LFS that is out of a large green house near me using wood and pond liners. Has been there a long time! They have two large vats in the ground a few feet that use the earth for cooling. Over the vats are the wooden stands for the display tanks. Very humid but the wood is holding up. I have been in there all times of the year and the tanks temp stay pretty stable too.

Link to their site
Well this is good to know. I'm glad that I will be able to work with wood. Just in case though, I think I am going to prime it.

That's an interesting site you showed me. I am going to have to ask my friend who lives in MD to check that place out for me.
FWIW... I've been there and find it to be a potential killing field. In fifteen years of travel, I have never seen so many reef animals so obscenely packed together in one facility.

Some of the locals I've talked to that still shop there (because of their tremendous selection) only buy livestock from them on arrival and QT everything without fail.

I was honestly sickened and heartbroken the first time I visited.

Just one man's opinion though.

Do chat with the WAMAS club members for other perspectives.

I personally would love to see that facility employ lower stocking densities or expand their systems.

Fishes and invertebrates living in floating perforated cups for days until they sell or die is not a responsible use of a limited living resource IMO, let alone respect for life.
Anthony-I agree with you 100% about the store being a death trap! You are correct that most of the experienced reefers do not shop there too but I only referenced it so he could see that the wood and pond liners do hold up to the tests of time.
No worries, my friend :) It was no reflection on you at all. Your reference regarding their application was indeed appropriate and helpful. I just thought to mention their husbandry too for any future browsers of the post that may be newer or less experienced aquarists looking for a new merchant. Its easy to get mesmerized by such stocking densities and choices of animals without realizing the ramifications on the animal's health.

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My friend in MD just got back to me and pretty much echoed your sentiment. I think she referred to it as the greenhouse of death and told me stories of crappy service.
I am considering building a stand for a 46 Bowfront aquarium.

I am planning on using a 36" by 18" piece of 3/4" sealed pine with nine sixteen inch 4" x 4" legs.

I plan on putting three legs across the front(front left corner, front center, front right corner, three across the middle, and three across the back of the 36" by 18" piece of sealed pine. I would then brace the these legs around the top of the legs and half way down around the legs. I would also need to brace the inside legs.

Does this sound like a solid stand for a 46 Euro/Bowfront?