Any natural methods to deal with Red Acro Bugs?


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I just noticed red bugs on some of my acros tonight. There aren't very many, and the acros seem to be doing well.

After doing some reading, I've seen people say everything from "no worries" to "they're eating my children." Most of these threads are years old.

What's the verdict on them?

I'm in a situation where using interceptor isn't really an option.

Sadly, I have both a dragon faced pipefish and a six lined wrasse, and neither of them seem to be eating the red bugs.

Are there any other natural methods of dealing with these? or should I just not bother since my corals seem to be doing ok?


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i think you could go with it, and maybe get some interceptor and dip any colonies that show a lot of red bugs.


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red bug issues

red bug issues

If you don't want to do the interceptor treatment to your aquarium, which is easier than some say, I recommend doing an interceptor dip seperate from your tank. I had this problem for my first 2 years in the Hobby. Interceptor was the only thing that worked for me. Also, the bugs may not be bad now (that's what I thought), but watch out!
Best be done with it and treat the entire tank. They will grow in numbers. Get the interceptor. They eventually suck the color right out of the acros and cause a general failure to thrive. After you're done buy some pods in a bottle to repopulate.

It's good karma that you have found red bugs. Think of it as a gentle awakening to get your QT up and running which will prevent you from dealing with the more challenging evil flatworms and nudi's. ;)


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You can dip to knock them back but they will rebound in time. You'll have to treat the tank/system to irradicate them.

Good luck


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Part of my problem is that I have a bunch of sally light foots/cleaner shrimp that are impossible to catch without tearing apart my tank.

I'm guessing these will probably get killed with the interceptor?

Also, will crocea clams be affected?


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You can catch your crabs and shrimp easily without tearing apart your tank. Get a fairly tall glass jar and weigh down a silversides at the bottom. Crabs and shrimp will go in but can't get out.

clams will be ok.