Any value in adding a bottle of live Tiger Pods?


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Like the subject says. Any value to this? I have a pop population that has seen better days. When I first set up the reef and just after my cycle, pods were everywhere at night. Now, I see a few but nothing spectacular. I don't have any pop eating fish in the tank but do have a serpent star which may contribute to the decline. Should i repopulate with Tiger Pods for $20?


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A fuge would help or a nice rock pile to keep the fish out and the pods safe. I would just get some chaeto from an established tank to seed the pods


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You say you don't have any pod eating fish, but I'd venture a guess that you do. Even fish that aren't dependent on pods eat them with, not pickle relish...they just like them!! In fact, I can't think of any fish that doesn't eat pods sometimes.

Yes, adding Tiger Pods can help your tank. If you have lots of live rock, or a pile of rubble, try using a turkey baster to get them near there. If you have a fuge, all the better!!!