Anybody going to MACNA ?


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We may be going. Not sure yet. School will have started and we don't want the boy out longer than we have to.


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hmm, have to look into that....maybe! you going alone or the two of you?



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Was planning to go. Daughter lives just outside of Atlanta in Athens Georgia so was going to have a place to stay. Then got to looking a what a round trip plane ticket is now costing. Almost double from 6 months ago. Think I am going to have to bag it now. Darn..


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FYI - Out of curiosity I checked flights round trip Sept 4 - 7, 2008 from Phoenix to Atlanta. I found Airtran - including all taxes & fees - was only $339

Once you get here you can take MARTA (our rail transit system) from inside the airport to 1/2 block from the hotel for $2.25.


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Yeah I checked Airtran also. Lots of negative comments. Not much legroom so since I'm 6'1" that's probably not going to work. Next best I've found so far is Delta for $430. Ouch.

Ryan - what days are you going to be there?

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Both US Airways and Delta have nonstop flights for $336 (including taxes and fees) if you're able/willing to depart 9/4 and return 9/8. Coming back on Sunday the 7th only increases the price a couple of bucks.

We would totally join you, but we will be in Thailand. :) Have a great time, though!


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I hoping to go out Thursday afternoon and come back Sunday Evening. I was all set to order everything then the price of our plane tickets doubled from when we looked 3 weeks ago. Now I'm wondering if the $2K these 4 days would cost me would be better spent on setting up my new tank??????


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I will be at Georgia Aquarium TOMORROW with the family. I will give an honest opinion of it is worth it.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=12912921#post12912921 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by NaClH20NMYVEIN
Now I'm wondering if the $2K these 4 days would cost me would be better spent on setting up my new tank??????

New tank and wait for MACNA on the West coast.


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Estimated Time: 27.0 hours 43 minutes Estimated Distance: 1856.75 miles

HHMM I guess drving will be out the question as it will cost way more then a plane ticket >:/