Anyone ever made a inner tank Calfo overflow?


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Just wondering if this would work. I am thinking of putting together a 120g 48x24x24 , with an oversized overflow (calfo) about 36" wide for large surface skimming, but rather than drill the back end up teeing it in the middle (about 12-14) and drilling through the bottom.

Now I know, that defeits the purpose but I done like the look of pipes hanging in the back and cannot afford to bring my tank and stand about 4 inches forward. I just dont have the room. (Guess the guys who made my house werent thinking about fish tanks when they made it) "the nerve of some people"

Anyways I would like to make it as slim as possible.

Anyone ever done something like this or like to comment on how it should be done and if you think it should work?

Otherwise I guess I will go with corner overflows (but I hate the look of pvc pipes) Damn those pipes.
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I know this does not anwser your question but if you do end up with visible pvc you could paint it black with krylon fusion spray paint so that it wouldnt look as bad. Sorry i dont have an answer about the overflow.


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Hey Kaos, thanks for the threads, but no one in there has anything but a normal through the back drilled calfo overflow. I really would love to hear from someone that has inner calfo like overflows. That is if there are any?

But thank you once again they are informative.


Sorry, I misunderstood your post. I guess that's what I get for posting right after setting 3500-4000 yds. of fishing nets when I got off of work (and mowing the grass). :eek: