Anyone Guess What Macro This Is, or if It's Bad?


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Here's the picture (hopefully):


It's slow-growing and is directly under a 10k 250w AB DE bulb. It kind of looks like super small micro feather caulerpa, but the *tiny* "leaves" are in a braided cable pattern.

I'd like to keep it as I think my pods would love it, but I'm concerned about it shading the acro base.

Think I should leave as is? It's only on this one rock at this time. Thanks.
Looks interesting, but the pictures not good enough for ID purposes. Doesn't look like any of the common nuisance algaes ;) I'd leave it be and trim any growing around the base of the acro. Some macro's do release compounds that kill coral tissue on contact, so better safe than sorry.
Thanks, Bill. I wish I could take a better picture, but this is the best my camera will do. I'd love to get a new camera that can do macro shots.

I tried removing some of the algae yesterday and found it to be very difficult because it's extremely fine and soft.

I'm going to keep looking around the internet and see if I can find anything similar to it.