anyone heard of reef ai controller ?


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i posted in the equipment section and got little to no response. seems like a promising controller and less cost than what is already out there.


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I sent them an email earlier this week asking a couple questions. One was if their unit has it's own management interface so you don't have to connect to their servers and I can't recall the other. Regardless, they have not replied. Kinda makes one nervous about taking a risk on an unknown controller you would be relying on to monitor your tank.


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The thing I like is that they use PID characteristic for temperature control.

Unfortunately they use the completely unsuited Lab electrodes like everyone else.
I would love to see someone using industrial process control sensors that are actually designed to be failsafe and in use nonstop for months if not years.


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I have been talking to them for awhile now, going to be one of there beta testers. They are a real small company but the quality should be high. I really can't wait to see how it performs.


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I have an APEX right now but are not too excited about the limitations on sensors and programming.
This looks like it will be more open on hardware and programming which would be a big incentive for me to switch.

They should think about making a splash water proof version as the most likely installation place is inside the stand where usually the sump and skimmer are.

I'm not too excited about the round outlet units. I get the idea behind them but would rather prefer a straight strip with a single line of outlets - a large disk won't fit well into my stand.


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miroch How did you get through to them?

From all that I can tell, this is a fantastic product. I can't wait to buy one. I have been hanging around for a long, long time, looking for anything about this system, other than the equipment in the videos that are posted on their Facebook account and Youtube. How long should I wait? I have sent e-mails and messages but get no response. From what I have read, this makes many people uncomfortable in addition to me.
I can understand that they could burn up a lot of valuable time just answering information requests and that they may have decided that they don't have the resources to deal with the general public. That's fine.

Never the less, someone could write up the reasons why they can't respond to us or just make a video explaining that. They could answer a few of the most popular non-hardware questions that they must be aware of. If they can't supply support, they should just say so!
Perhaps they could say if they will offer it at some guessed at season in the future or will it only be a system for sophisticated users that can hook things up and write code for themselves. That may be the permanent plan or just until they have more money coming in and therefore more staff to deal with the public. Perhaps the people that buy product do get support at some level but how could I buy something from someone that I cannot interact with in any way or get one way feedback from some other channel? What if part or all of it doesn't work for me? What happens then?

Do any users hang out on any forums? Does anybody have a running blog? I'm I just over looking them? I would like to see or read about anyone that is using these products but it seems like everything is a secret.

I would like to see a video on how it hooks up. I'd like to see how it works on any home or office aquarium, even one that is owned by the company. How do you hook up the software in and example system? Can you customize it and what level of knowledge do you need to do that, now and in the future. Does this system even come with a manual? Perhaps in a video, they could show a few pages to see if it is text only, or some polished document "¦or a video of its own? Simple or fancy, at least a potential customer could make up his or her mind on whether they are up to using the product. "¦or is it just a loose collection of parts that work on the factory bench?


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Well, it's called ReefPOM now ...

Maybe they aren't monitoring the ReefAI emails anymore since the name change? It looks promising, but doesn't seem things are moving fast or forward since the lack of updates since August and September of 2015.

I watched this 26 min video on it. It's just a information video on the hardware and different control modules and not of it actually working.