Anyone know about Sharkman on Ebay?


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Hello all. As always I like to look on Ebay to see what is for sale. So there are a few Conspics. and a few gems for sale at amazing prices. I would think this guy would be pretty well known to you guys. His seller name is sharkman out of Ohio. Anyone know about him? Is it a store, or a home based thing? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim


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read the fineprint, check his feedback, and some of them will sell you multiple corals for one shipping price if you email em'

dont buy anything from duane867, i bough some SPS from him, paid with PayPal and didnt receive my corals/order.
when i emailed him, he said they were returned to him dead because UPS couldnt find the address and i was just S.O.L. (not his exact words)
that, i find hard to believe since i had placed 2 previous orders from him in previous months and they were received via UPS @ this same address...


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I have bought from duane867 several times and never had any problems.....once I messed up during the winter and my pkg got really cold and when I pm'ed him he was very helpful and even offered replacements if they did not make it.