Apex Lite Newbie Here..Help Plz!


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Hello Everyone,

So i just got my Apex Lite system in the mail last week and im having a bit of trouble accessing my readings from outside my home network. I can look at everything through my iPhone 4 from inside the house but as soon as i leave it says times out. Can anyone help me out with this? Im fairly new to DNS, static Ip and other tech jargon so please have some patience and be thorough. Thanks


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did you download the comprehensive guide located from the Neptune website. I just follow everything from there...I am not a computer wizard nor geek...just a normal computer user but the guide is easy to follow. Make sure you write things (information) as you get from steps that needs the crucial information. Since you got everything working via intranet (within your wifi) you can start at page 28 of the comprehensive guide to prepare things and then page 36 is the steps to put things together. Printing all this pages makes things easy to follow that jumping on one window to the other. Goodluck
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