Are clams for me?


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I am still in the process of cycling my tank with TBS rock and I plan on keeping clams and hopfully SPS. My equipment list are below but as you can see i do not have a Calcium reactor. I am kinda lazy/forgetful to check on my levels and I probably will use either Kalk mix and/or Kent products to suppliment the tank.

How much attention will they need?

My chiller fluctuates the temparature from 77 - 80 throughout the day due to a temperature controller with a 4 degree variation.

PS. I do a Mantis lurking somewhere and i have 25lbs more rock coming that may contain more. I had caught 2 already. Are they a problem for Clams?
Not while your tank is still cycling. Use the time to read up as much as possible on the animals you wish to keep. Knop's "Giant Clams" is a good start, and I believe Anthony Calfo has a new book with good info as well.