are these bubbles bad for my fish?


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I put 53 gal of rodi water in this tank on feb 24. I set up an aquamaxx hob1 this past tuesday afternoon (2 days ago). I just took this pic a minute ago (attached below). So many bubbles, I can hardly see the fish. I expect the bubbles to go away but in the meantime, will these bubbles hurt my 4" red velvet wrasse and two 1.5" perculas? If they do, I can always come up with something else.


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I thought so, although while ammonia is 0 and nitrates are around 20, the nitrites are at .5. Its just with so many bubbles, i'm afraid after enough days like this, all that air in the water will cause some kind of embolism or something?


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Micro bubbles are not good for the fish.
Skimmers need to break in and build a slime coat ....
you can try adding a sponge to the drain section or just turn off the air for a week giving it a chance to break in.
you don't want to risk losing fish to micro bubbles.


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Bubbles are not bad for fish. This is a myth. If they were, there would be a lot of dead fish near the coast from bubbles on the rocky shore.

However, I also have an Aquamaxx HOB-1 skimmer and yes you do need something on the outlet to remove the bubbles. I use a filter pad on the outlet and that pretty much takes 99% of the bubbles away. Just make sure you change it out atleast twice a week since you'll see it build up gunk on the pad.

Good Luck.