ASM G4x vs. Superskimmer 220


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Am planning a 280 gallon tank. I was planning on using an ASMG4x. ASM has just raised their prices, so my question is....

Assuming I have the sump space available-Would 2 superskimmer 220's give me the same or better skimming power as 1 ASMg4x(unmodified) for $87.00 less(css220 $175 each vs. 1 ASM G4X $437)?

Any thoughts on this subject appreciated. Thanks!
Does everyone agree with DWdenny? Heck I could almost buy 3 css220's for the price of 1 ASM and have some redundancy in skimming. I guess I'm wondering if ASM is really that much better. From what I've been reading, the CSS's have pretty good comments, however not sure how well they would work on a 280 gallon tank. Any comments appreciated. Thanks