Attention SoCal Reefers: MASVC/SFVR joint meeting May 18th


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Attention SoCal Reef Central

This years annual SFVR/MASVC joint meeting will be Sunday, May 18th 2014

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Jable's house in Simi Valley (Contact Chefzilla, Jabel, or myself for Address)

Food: Our clubs will be providing the Main dish (Burgers and Hot Dogs), condiments and Soda/water. Side dishes will be pot luck style so please post what you will be bringing.

There will be a 3' frag tank set so the PAID club (SFVR or MASVC) members can sell or trade out of. This meeting is one you do not want to miss. Raffle Prizes include Advanced Acrylics Frag Tank, ATB Flowstar 1500 submersible pump, 5" Ultra Maxima Clam, Medium Sized Clean Up Crew, and various fish TBD.

A Little about our clubs-

MASVC Club Info:

MASVC is local friendly Ventura County club spanning from Ojai to Simi Valley. This club is run by yours truly. MASVC has monthly meetings at various locations across Ventura County. Last meeting was held at Extreme Marine in Ventura and was a great hit. We had 40+ attendees and awesome deals at the store. MASVC also hosts a yearly show, FRAG (Fish Reef and Aquatic Gear). FRAG 2013 was a HUGE success bringing in around 500 people with 25+ vendors to shop from, and over $6,000 in raffle prizes.

Benifits of being a paid MASVC member:

Access to a PAR meeter

Access to an Inland Band Saw

Access to a Fish trap

Members Only Raffle
Free admission to FRAG

SFVR Club Info:

SFVR is a large friendly club located in the San Fernando Valley and run by the best cook in town, Brent aka Chefzilla. Brent has devoted much time in keeping this club booming. Last meeting, SFVR organized a very informational fragging demonstration in which all attendees went home with at least 2 frags. Dave aka o2manyfish gave us an outstanding performance on how to frag different types of corals. SFVR annually hosts a Winter Holiday party at Unique Corals, this event is a huge blast with Auctions, Raffles, and games. Not to mention a great vendor opening their doors so we can all cherry pick.

Benefits of being a paid SFVR member:

Access to a PAR meter

Access to a Majano Wand

Have your water tested for Phosphates

We all hope to see you there!
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Of course I will be there. I will get with Cory a few days in before the meeting to see how much food is needed so PLEASE sign here if you are going!


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Just a reminder... You DO NOT have to be a paid member of either club to attend this meeting
If you just want to show up and hang out your more than welcome.

Crusty Old Shellback

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Well I'm not sure now if I'll make it. Got to be in San Diego on Saturday. Got a pit meeting in preparation for the Baja 500 at the beginning of June.

But if I do, what do I need to bring food wise? Sorry but no home brew is ready.


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I'll be there, especially since its at my house.


Darn it... We were hoping you weren't gonna be home. J/K

I hope to be there. Count me in for some soda. I also have some Zing Red Velvet Vodka left over from a work event that I can bring if anyone is interested.


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Please note;
This thread along with a few more threads on diffrent forums are for a head count for the food. So please sign up here if your going. Thank you