Awesome mantis!


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I was out catching a couple of mantis today and ran across the biggest ciliated mantis I have ever seen! This monster was 6-8", very bold sandy coloration and thick, probably close to 3/4" in diameter! I tried for about 20 minutes to catch the big guy but couldn't corner him and get the net into play for me. I'll be going back to the same area again this weekend, hopefully I catch him!
The largest Pseudosquilla ciliata ever recorded was 11 cm, or just over 4 inches. If the animal you chases was 6 inches, it probably wasn't P. ciliata. If you catch it, be sure to save the corpse when it dies so that it can be identified.

I went back to my Hawaii invert book and saw that it, ciliated, had a max size of 4". Now I can't figure out what it was? I'll go back and back some more. I need to get someone else to go with me to try and help corner one. I'll send pictures when I do catch one. I saw it in about 3 feet of water as the tide was coming back in. Are you ever coming out to Hawaii? In fact, does anyone on the mantis board planning a trip? I'll offer guide services for free.