Barletts, Lyretails, or Dispars?


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I have a 210 gallon tank,with a 135 gallon refugium. I have a Yellow tang, Blue regal, Female Watanebi, Powder Brown tang, 6 line, yellow watchman, and I want a school of Anthias. The biggest school of anthias i can get. Which ones would you choose, Barletts are definetly more exspensive, while other are cheaper. Could i mix 2 different schools say 6 or bartletts and 6 Lyretails?

just dave

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Bartletts and Dispars.

They live together in some areas and when the Dispars live amongst Bartletts they take on the Bartletts coloration.


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Careful with your bioload. You get a couple of fish in there that will eventually get large. I woul dnot add more than three anthias. One male two females. Barletta will be my preference. Also a remider they need small feedings two or three times a day