Livestock Feedback for 125 Gallon

I am going to build a mixed reef tank into a wall along with a couple large freshwater (Discus and African Cichlids). I have been doing freshwater and brackish for a little over three decades, running between 3-15 tanks at a time. I have done a fair amount of research (17 pages of notes on the fish and inverts, 6 more pages for Corals), but I want to get feedback on the stocking amounts and selections so that I can get better dialed in.

I am planning on a 125 gallon unless I see a good buy on Craigslist or through the fish club on a larger tank. I will be converting a 55 gallon into a sump/Ref and I have several 5/10/15/20/40/75 gallon tanks for QT and copepod/ brine shrimp farms (keep everyone fed well). I plan to setting this tank up over 2-3 years time, with at least 6-12 months dedicated to just the getting the reef I want together (love to scape). QT will be 8 weeks or longer if I have trouble getting some of the fish in that stage (the #). The plan is to purchase the next stage when I put the previous stage into the display.

#Set-up Order
1Feather Dusters/ Clam
22 Tuxedos/ 2 Gecko Goby2
32 Snapping Shrimp/ Shrimp Gobies (Hi Fin and Wheeler)/ Mandarin (Spotted)3
42 Cleaner Shrimp/ Clown Gobies (Citrinis, Green)2
52 Banggai/ 2 Jawfish (Yellow) / Firefish (exquisite)5
6Wrasse (Carpenter or Scott’s Fairy, McCosker, Filimented, Melanurus, Velvet or Exquisite Fairy)5
72 Clownfish (Perc) /Gramma (Royal Gramma)/ 5 Green Chromis8
8Dwarf Angelfish (Flame, Coral Beauty)2
9Anthias (Bartlett, Flame, Sunburst, Lyretail)4
10Tang (Powder Brown)1

I am flexible with most things but the Tang (centerpiece) and dwarf angels. I am want to have wrasse but am flexible with the numbers or species but I would like more than just Red if possible. It will be primarily a mix of fairy and flashers for the most part but I would like to have at least one Halichoeres due to the coloring. If I am heavy on numbers, I will drop the Green Chromis first, then the Anthias and clownfish. Gobies hold a special place in my heart, having kept numerous species in the past (Hill stream, brackish, and freshwater) and would love to be able to add more gobies depending on how stocked I am and territories.

Thank you for any feedback