Best LFS in area for coral?


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I am going to be making a trip to chicago in the near term. I want to visit 4 or 5 of the best stores within an hour of each other. I am not interested in equipment, dry goods, or fish.

I did read your poll but it has not been updated in quite awhile.

What are your recommendations? Thank you!


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When I narrow down the destinations I will lay it out on a map and timing it so I avoid the worst of the traffic. I will get to as many as I can.


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What are you looking for? Lots of great shops, and they all seem to have a niche that they are better at.


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Not a lot from that location to choose from:

From Glen Ellyn, you can go about 5 minutes to your east to Lombard, main street, north of Roosevelt to Tropi-quatics.

Another 15 minutes east of there is Scotts Pet shop in Westchester (east of 294) about a mile.

If you headed west from Glen Ellyn, out near the Chicago Premium outlet mall, there is a shop just west of Farnsworth- and a little north of Butterfield...(someone help me out- it is called "XXX-reef"???)- I've never been....

If you were to head north of Glen ellyn, up 355 to the Elgin- O'Hare freeway - (is that Thorndale road?) there are a couple shops about 1 mile west and a half mile or so north......I believe they are on Roselle road. Even farther up roselle road near Schaumburg (woodfield mall) you will find more stores, I will let others chime in on those....


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Place I am going to suggest I think is one of the largest and unique shops in the area that everyone should visit at least once is

May I suggest if you want to keep your drive within reason

1. Advance Aquatics
2. Beyond the reef
(since its 2minutes away might as well hit up Aquarium Adventure)
3. Living Sea

Here is a map of the local shops (zoom in for more stores)

Rods Reef is for sure a good shop, however its about 30miles from any other store.


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if you want wicked corals go to Brookfield and see Dark Lord Corals they have wild stuff with crazy colors


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I would head to Sea Schor, Advanced Aquatics, Beyond the Reef, Aquarium Adventure, Tropiquatics and Aquatic Reef if you have the time.

It would be well worth the trip to head to Sea Schor. Nice corals at good prices.

Tropiquatics is better for fish but their coral selection has improved a little lately. Stop in because they are close to Glen Ellyn.

Advanced Aquatics as well as Beyond the Reef has nice coral selections but are a little more expensive. Aquatic Adventure is cool to look at but their saltwater is lacking but it's right by Beyond the Reef so stop in. All 3 are within a 5 minutes drive.

It will be a little far but Aquatic Reef is another good store on par with Sea Scor.

Living Sea is big and impressive but way expensive.

Have fun.