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My humble tanks...although one is an LPS (oh, the horror!)...

So, as I sit in the recliner to watch TV, to my right is my 11 year old SPS tank, and to my right is my (my Wife's) 2 year old LPS tank.

The SPS tank, has been running continuously for 11 years, although in that time it has been moved 5 times or so, has had losses, had a rock or two removed, a new rock or so added, some sand added, some sand removed, a fish added, a fish perished, cyano algae, bryopsis, diatoms, dinoflagellates, an overdose of potassium, power outages, etc...pretty much the normal stuff for a box of water with lights over it!

For the past couple of years, things have been going well enough, that I don't feel TOO embarrassed to post pics of it. HAHA!

Anyway, some particulars...

SPS tank:
Lee-Mar rimless...48X20X20
Tek light 4X54watt T-5
2-48" current tru lumen blue LED strips
4 ecotech MP10's (2 on the sides and 2 on the back)
29gallon aquarium as sump
ASM g2 skimmer with recirculation mod
Aqua UV 15watt hang on
Sicce 2 return pump

Tomini Tang (6 years)
Randall's Anthia (4 years)
Nocturnus Goby (4 years)
Helfrich's firefish (2 years)
Candy Basslet (6 years)
Possum wrasse (10 years)

LPS tank:
DSA 65 rinless...36X20X21
Radion G2 Pro
2 Ecotech MP10's (both on the back)
e-shopps sump
ASM G2 mods
Sicce 2 return pump

2" yellow tang (1 year)
Black Ice clowns (2 years)
Leopard Wrasse (2 years)
Purple firefish (9 months)
Im sure there are all kinds of particulars that I forget to mention, but that is the "Bones" of the systems...

Thanks for taking the time to look!

SPS full tank shot (most current)

And, from about 4 months ago,

LPS full tank shot (most current)

Thanks again for looking, and Macros to come soon!


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Thank you very much!

Not sure on what specifics...

I have always used Sea-Lab 28 blocks for Calcium and trace elements, and Continuum Borate-free buffer for alkalinity. The buffer is mixed into a 12 gallon resovoir of RO/DI water, that tops off the tank with a Spectapure LLC-PH. It basically controls a powerhead with a probe.

No other additives.

I feed 3-4 times a night, heavily. It literally looks like a snow storm. the food is a mix of PE Mysis, Emerald Entrée, Marine Cuisine, White worms, Blood Worms, Baby Brine shrimp, and Coral Gumbo. I squirt a couple of syringes of Selcon onto the food.

Anything else, just ask...


Thank you very much!


I'm not sure why you can't see them. I hosted them with photobucket, and used the image links.


Hey Troy! Thank you so much, dude! I didn't know you perused this forum. I hope all is well with you, yours, and your tank!

Here's some macros of the fish in the SPS tank...

Tomini Tang

Helfrich's Firefish

Randall's Anthia

Candy Basslet

Unfortunately, I don't have any good shots of the Nocturnus Goby, or the Possum Wrasse...but if your familiar with those fish, you can understand why!:lmao:

Thanks again for checking them out!


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Truly inspirational! You indeed have the best seat in the house :)

Post some more info on how you maintain such beautiful systems.


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Fish look awesome! Great pictures!! I make it a point to read your posts whenever possible. I always learn something from them! How do you control Phosphates in your tanks? I know you're not a big fan of using GFO.


Acros & wieners, oh my!
Anything on tv would have a difficult time competing with that view...beautiful and you get the best of both worlds, SPS and LPS!!


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Thank you very much!

I actually don't do too much. I use the magnet to clean the glass about twice a week. I use a razor about every three weeks, to get the spots that the magnet isn't strong enough for. I do about a 35% water change, about every 4 months. I have to fill the reservoirs about every 10 days or so, I test at the time for Calcium and alkalinity, to make sure I am not straying too far outside the sweet zone. I don't test for Nitrates and Phosphates any more, because they are consistently 0 for both tanks, using the Salifert kits.


Thank you! really is a cool fish! is always out, and can be seen from across the street!


I actually am a fan of GFO, but only if needed. It is not something I use dogmatically. I have to assume, that the skimmer, keeps up with the necessary export, as well as any biological sinks/pathways to process the Phosphate. I don't actively try to control it. If I tested and found Phosphate at any detectable level, I would most likely dig through my mountains of fish crap, and hook up my GFO reactor.


Thanks, dude!

And, some coral Macros...some may have names...I'm not real good at wanting to remember that stuff!:beer:

Thanks again everyone, for the kind comments!


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Hopefully one of these days I will get to the place of close to 0 phosphates. In the meantime I need to run a reactor 24/7!

Awesome pictures of the coral!!!