Best way to get printing off PVC?


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Hello, I've read a few different ways to get the factory printing off PVC. It just seems like most of them are with fairly harsh chemicals or require an amount of sanding that removes the gloss. Does anyone have a better method? Thanks.


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LOL @ jimmy I bet that sucked and hopefully you can laugh with me as I don't really want to laugh @ u!


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Solvents like acetone will dissolve it, but it's hard to get it any better than 'well smeared.'

PVC pipe in general is not made to be viewed, so the manufacturers don't worry about the print. As Jimmy said, you could scrape, sand or polish it off, but the best way to get a nice, uniform look with your pipes is to paint it with something like Krylon Fusion paint.

Note that you should do this after you glue your joints, not before!


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IMHO, the only purpose for pvc cleaner is to remove the printing. (at least in our pow pressure world of aquarium plumbing. That being said, it would be a royal PIA to clean an entire set of pipes.

+1 for Krylon Fusion - reef safe and easy to use


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I just put the text on the back... If i ever wonder what i used its still printed there, but never see it from the front. Course i make sure my text as dead nuts to the back as possible and going in the same direction on all the pipes, but that much effort to it is probably not necessary.


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lacquer thinner,,keep in mind lacquer thinner is deadly if it gets into tank smearing at all,,just cleans the writing off nice and clean


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lacquer thinner will remove the lettering without melting the actual plastic pipe,,like acetone pvc primer smear mess with the thinner


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Easiest way is rubbing back and forth quickly with a razor blade 90deg to the surface or some fine sand paper. It comes right off...


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Goof Off works excellent. I used it on all of the PVC that I have on my system. Pour a little on a rag and just wipe it off. It comes off super quick and easy. Simple clean up and safe to use (As far as cleaners like this go).


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furniture grade PVC is blank cost a bit more but if looks are what your after this is the way to go.


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