Black Capped Jaw vs Blue Spot Jaw - uh oh


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So my black capped jaw has been missing for one week plus, so I figure it will be ok to add a blue spot jawfish (I know, hard to keep but I was going to try some different temperature things). So this is the outcome:

Lo and behold, he shows up right by the bluespots new burrow. As there is no way of removing either one, any predictions to the outcome? From my experience, my money is on the bluespot - they are pretty tough. I will update the outcome, maybe they will peacefully cohabit :rolleyes:


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Should be OK..

Should be OK..

I had both in a 75gallon reef for over a year.

Most likely one of the two will create a new burrow a little farther away than they are now. If you keep them fed, they should be ok. Neither of them will want to get to far out of their burrows to chase the other, so you won't get the kind of harrasment that two angels or wrasses might inflict on each other.

Hope this makes you feel better about your problem... :)