Blasto wellsi information


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I have read a couple of times how people have problems with their wellsi's just kinda dying all of the sudden.

I am wondering about how long does this happen after you have them.

I have a really nice colony that seem to be doing well and wondering if I am "in the clear" or not. I would hate to lose these guys and I would really like some more truthfully but I don't want to spend money on something that I can't keep.

Thanks for any info,
I've had a few colonies for a couple years now with no problems; one was even blasted (no pun intended) by a hydnophora and has since recovered. As long as your water quality, lighting, flow, and predation potential are ideal, they should do well. HTH
have you heard about these sudden deaths?

it seems to be a very common problem. It also seems to only happen in the wellsi's not the merletti's.
I've heard of it. Some people say it's because of too much light, and that their blastos do better once they're in the shade.
My B. wellsi colonies definitely prefer shade to direct halide light, although I personally haven't had a problem keeping them under a variety of lighting combinations - provided they were well-acclimated.