Blue Anthelia Care, any tips


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Would anyone mind sharing tips on the care of Blue Anthelia?

How fast does this typically grow?
Does it like no,slow or hard current?
Lighting intensity?
Dosing (iodine I pretty sure it likes, any others?)
Best placement in tank (or tips).

Any other tips.

Mucho Thanks!

My Blue Anthelia (could not resist after seeing it in LFS tonight)

Blue Anthelia (1 hour in tank)

Blue Anthelia and Coral Cups
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Not sure of your tank setup, but good light and moderate current. no need 2 feed and they tend 2 grow like weed if happy. Iodine if love by most softies.

Cannot see your whole tank. but maybe more 2 the centre 4 more light & current.

Hope yours do well. Happy reefing