Bought a Bimac Today!!

Sea Wraith

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My wife and I saw him in the LFS in Houston yesterday and were debating over whether or not we should go ahead and get him. I didnt know how old he was and this was the deciding factor. Well to make a long story short I talked to Cephalopoder and we came to the conclusion that this is a young specimin so we went back to Houston today and got our First Bimac! We are both excited and the little guy or gal made the trip home without a hitch! Lil Mac as we have already named it is acclimating now and I will have pics of our newest addition soon! :)
Thanks gibbus, I am still freaking out over how cool this lil creature is! It is absolutely gorgeous! I am amazed!! My wife is oooooing and ahhhhhhing over him still! :D
Sea Wraith, You will be very happy with this species. I feel they are the best octo you can get. They have a incredible personality and good texture and color change ablility. They are also day active. The mantle will grow as big as a lemon. I would recommend putting a pvc elbow in the tank with a end cap for it to use as its home. You will need to up grade in size as your octo gets bigger. Keep the tank cool and it will live longer. You will grow very attached to this animal and you will soon be bit by the ceph bug.
Hi Cephalopoder, we've already bought it several different hideaways in varying sizes. The octo made it home in perfect shape and acclimated beautifully! It is already eating shrimp so I take it this is a good sign! It is absolutely beautiful and my wife and I absolutely love this lil creature! Now all we need is a name! :) Many thanks to you for your advice and help in choosing my first ceph!:)


Congradulations Sea, I just got mine last week and think he is about as cool as he can get. He has already eaten 2 hermits, and a crayfish. One thing I did notice different about this Octo, is that he doesnt go into the caves I created for him. Instead he hangs from one of the rocks that has a crevace in the bottom of it, almost like a bat. He reaches up with his arms and hangs, not upside down, but so that his head is upright, and his eye peeks through his tentacles. Not afraid of much.
Have you noticed any interesting behavior from yours yet?
Good luck!
My Bimac is staying hidden in it's little cave! I sent the wife out to the pet store to get some more grass shrimp and later I'll go catch some small crabs and take the pinchers off and put in the tank to see if it will comeout and also to see how it likes them! Other than that it is doing great! I do know this lil creature sure is beautiful! It has some of the prettiest colors I've seen! Hopefully I'll have some pics within the next two weeks! :)
feeding time...

feeding time...

I went to the LFS last night to get some crayfish, and they didn't have any. I was about to walk out, when I noticed some freshwater crabs...ahh...I'll take one of those. I put him in there, and watched the Octo look down and see him..and then he swarms down like the grim reaper. He ate that thing clean!
I'm not sure how they do it, but they just seem to have total control of every eating situation...claws or no claws. One interesting note, is that I have had a "peel and eat" shrimp in with the Octo since I got him and he has not eaten him. They tolerate eachother and seem to get along just fine. I think he gets the scraps the Octo doesn't eat.
There have many posts on cephlist about whether or not freshwater or terrestrial inverts should be fed to marine cephs... I admit I have had to do it in emergencies.. I used woodlice and freshwater shrimps. Are you near a beach for collecting your own?

My octos have eaten cockles and mussells..... maybe try that sometime?