Brackets for hanging a pendant from a wall?????????????


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I am looking for something a little nicer than the standard L shaped bracket. I need it to stick out from the wall about 16". I had thought about using the flat panel TV mounts that pull out and swivel all around. But the price tag on those are a little too much, and they are kind of tacky.

Any ideas where I might find something decent?? Or any ideas other than hanging my lights from the ceiling??
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A friend of mine used a TV wall mount ( not the flat panel mounts) and just used the mount and the swivel arm. He purchased it from Lowe's, I think. It looks good but his fixture and stand are black as was the mount so it looks well together.
if you are a little Handy make them yourself maybe out of some nice wood that way you get what you want
I used black piping (lead conduit) from my local hardware store. I connected to the back of my stand with pipe holders, used and elbow to create the arch, and drilled a hole in the top pipe to secure the light fixture with nuts and bolts. You can even get plastic caps to cover the hole in the end of the pipe.

Good Luck

I will look into the other type of tv mounts. I had thought about using conduit but wasnt sure how i could make it look nice.