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Hey all,

Since I have joined these forums, seeing all the cool tanks has gotten me bitten by the SPS bug. While my tank is primarily LPS currently, I am hoping to get several monti and acro frags at an upcoming local coral swap. My problem lies with the fact that I am 15, and although I am the one who takes care of the tank, my parents are the ones with the funds that pay for new livestock. While I know the frags will look awesome within a few short months, my parents are never so convinced, and often refuse to spend $20 on the 1 inch brown stick that I insist will look really cool in a few months. This is often amplified when they see the hammer and brain corals that our LFS will often have sitting right next to them. So i was wondering, do any of you have some nice progression shots so I can help convince them that these little brown sticks become massive and colorful corals, rather than bigger brown sticks? If you don't mind please include the type of coral, lighting, and the length of time between shots.

Thanks Everyone!!
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hmmm....why are you wanting to start with brown frags. You should be able to get even some less rare colourful frags for a very reasonable price no?

Starting with brown corals is like starting with a handi-cap. I would only advice this if you are very experienced and have a chance to buy a very nice coral that has browned out and you are confident that you can bring it back.


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I personally used to really enjoy (and still do) sometimes buying brown corals to see how they turn out. I always took the approach that no picker is going to waste there time picking/shipping brown corals so you never know what you are going to get for the price. However w/your fams money.. I would just defer to them at least until you get a part time job or something.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, but let me re-phrase my question a little bit to clarify. I have 3 frags right now in my tank (2 acros and one monti,) which I have bought from my LFS. When I buy SPS (colored how they should be) they always seem to brown out for about a week in my tank, and then return to their normal (not brown) color, and resume growing. I am not to the point in reefing where I would want to take the risk of an SPS that may not be in perfect condition, that I am with getting LPS. I'm really looking for small frags that have turned out looking really cool after several months to justify buying it over an LPS which pulls out its tentacles and looks good from the day you get it. (I would be fine with continuing to get these, but I am finding my tank is quickly becoming overpowered with red and green, and hope SPS will add more color to the tank).


Tell you parents that SPS are Kool...ummm K . :)

Seriously if you have the capabitlity to grow SPS I'm sure you will enjoy it and your parents will see the light eventually. Perhaps show them some awesome SPS tanks from the TOTM here on RC. Or maybe get them to see a real nice SPS tank in person....that would surely help.

good luck.


There is no reason to start with brown frags... be patient and find some that look great to start with... they arent all expensive... look to your local club, etc... dont start with garbage frags that someone else couldnt and didnt keep healthy...


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I agree with don't just assume that every brown frag is going to color up nicely. Some will, but many are just brown. And as far as convincing your parents, show them some threads on the sps forum or grown out tanks. It those pics don't convince them, nothing will.

If all else fails, have them buy what they like and trade with other reefers for what you want. :)


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so your parents are the enablers lol good luck should apply at the LFS and see what happens you can learn alot there and take that knowledge home free..
good luck


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I posted this last year, it is the best documented color change I have.

9-17 right after fragging










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Sometimes is really difficult to believe that a small brown frag will be a candy eye one day

But this is why I love SPS

My corals are not massive, but you got the idea.Here is a pic of my tank, one year before and after : ( hope you can convince them now )


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I think they are finally managing to come around. There is a frag swap coming up in November that usually has really cheap sps, and I am hoping to get 5-10 frags to try out in my tank. Thanks a bunch for the pics guys, they really helped!