Bubble King SM 250 air leaks


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Any Bubble King owners out there had a problem with air leaking from around the base of the main body and from under the base plate? It is not a lot of air just lots of fine bubbles from around the base and and some bigger ones from under the base plate. Also seam to have a problem getting the collection cup to seal to the main body wants to leak I have it as tight as I feel is safe and that is quite tight.

I am new to the world of Bubble Kings just hooked it up last night in my new sump room. So any help would be great



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Hey Doug

Please double check to see if those bulb are all coming from under the base plate.Some time it looks deceiving. If is still apears to be coming out of the base plate take the skimmer out remove the skimmer cup and with a dry cloth or paper towel try to tighten the titanium screw by hand only. Dry cloth or paper towel is to give you some grip. I strongly againts using an allan key just because you may over tighten and crack some of the plastics.
As far as the cup leaking you may want to contact Proline Aquatics, they will take care of you.
Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the info But the 250 Supermariner dose not have a allen head bolt in it only four holding the base plate on and they are tight. I did leave a post on the proline thread

Thanks again

PS. the skimmer is still making a ton of foam maybe it just cant contain it all :D