Bubble King with Ozone problem


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hey all you Bubble King pros,
I am having a little trouble with a Bubble King skimmer. The skimmer alone works like a dream but when I pump in the ozone the bubbles become larger and don't hold as long and stay white instead of greenish brown at the top. Essentially it completely eliminates skimming.

The skimmer is a Bubble King DeLuxe 200
internal and I am using a Red Sea 200mg/hr ozonizer with ORP meter. As I understand it, the standard rule of thumb for ozone is 20-40mg per hour per 100 gallons. The system is 300 gallons. The unit was set for 100 mg. The ORP reading was 350mV (ideal).

Has anyone ever run into this before? According to the Bubble King people I have placed the ozone feed in the proper place on top of the adjustment plumbing area. Any advice on things to try would be greatly appreciated.
are you pumping the air to the skimmer or letting it be sucked in? im curious to find out the cause.
I am pumping air in. I thought that might be the problem but I was under the impression that that was the proper way to hook it up.

If it can suck it on its own then that would be an easy fix. It is at a tank I have recently begun doing maintenance on so I will get you some pictures as soon as I next make a visit. It has some equipment that I am unfamiliar with so I am playing catch up on all the quirks of optimizing the settings.

I tell you what though, it only took one look at that bubble king to fall in love :)
I don't pump air in and I really wouldn't reccomend it. Not that I'm an expert but the pump is designed to pull x amt of air and forcing it could indeed cause the bubble problem , I would guess.

My Ozone is tee'ed in just upstream of the silencer. I adjust the air intake to cause a slight vaccum going to the ozone unit. That way I'm pulling air thro the silencer AND thro the ozone unit. I don't use an air dryer because I wanted a "clear shot all the way throught the ozone unit in and out. To make it easier to educt the ozone while not restricting air into the venturi. I use an ozotech, which helps not to restrict anything as well because the tubing is larger.

I also only use ozone for water clarity, I dont really use a set point or shoot for one.

I hope that made sense.....
How are you guys running the carbon on these skimmers? I have a 250 super marin and i wanted to do the same but im just concerned with how to properly run the carbon on the out of the skimmer.