Call me Mr crazy.


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After some time of owning a mantis shrimp ( O. scyllarus ). I started to hand feed my mantis. Yes hand feed. I have yet have a problem with my mantis attacking my hand. the O. scyllarus seems to know not to attack my hand. it gently takes the food right out on my fingers with its fingers even with the 1/4 piece of frozen krill.

My question does anyone else do this?
i have actually started to feed my mantis by putting some food on a skewer and jabbing it into the substrate near its burrow entrance.
i like this method because it avoids problem like the mantis burying the un-eaten food (which they do ) and it can still eat as much as it want and i can remove it with no fuss.
i think it would be a good idea for people who keep mantis in a eclipse tank because there isnt much room for error in such a small tank and some buried food could be disaster
The last guy who fed his mantis by hand had to stop posting: no one could read his posts anymore, since he had to type with his elbows>....;)

My little guy has taken to coming almost completely out of his rock to take food from my long tweezers...He's happily been molting every few weeks, and is taking on more of a dark turqoise/aquamarine color.
Hehe, I think it's perfectly fine. Actually, I was about a week from trying it with mine when he passed on to the great cave in mantis heaven:( I haven't had one since due to some other things going on, but I do plan to try again in the future. Good luck!