can anyone tell me if they have zoas with mouth like these ones?


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i have had these for quite some time they were almost lavandar when i got them and were from Hawaii. been in my tank for about 3 yrs and have turned bright pink. what i like it the neon green slit for a mouth. none of my other zoas nor any i have seen have a mouth like this. i hear all these funny names like RPE and Bam Bam and orange crush. who makes this up and whats the standard for color morph?

photo is in my gallery under pink zoos
Check out for ID info. As far as the green slit mouth, most of the "people eater" zoos have them. Check out's a great site :)
so whats the deciding factor in a zoa that makes it a PE zoa?
i did check that site and they do look alot like the Red People Eater zoo's/ these guys are pinstriped discs with some hues of blue/purple around the mouth and in the pinstripes.
some guy running a business, who was selling a purple one with a green slit mouth and green skirt came up with the name "purple people eaters" to attract people to buying them a long time ago. they werent even considered anything special at the time.

its pretty common practice now for stores to give a coral a fancy name to encourage "rarity" and induce that it is special in some way, to encourage a sale. and, in some people's opinions naming things is just for fun, to describe the coral somehow and how it is different from others that may look like it.

in general, the people eater type polyps you refer to, the ones with the green slit mouths...are not zoanthids. they are a close relative called protopalythoas. people just give the protopalys with the green slit mouths the name "people eater" b/c its *cool* to do, and attracts more attention to selling etc.

you can name them whatever you want. no one has the last say to whether or not a certain zoa does or does not have a certain name.

i have yet to see a zoanthid god post in this forum, or a statement from a diver saying when they collect zoanthids, they come with tags that say something like "green smurfalator - made in taiwan" :lol:
Those you speak of look to be Envy oranges.....They are a very sweet looking protopaly.....Very nice.
actually i htink naming is a very good idea if it's standardized, it wouldn't be much different than cultvar naming in plants. With so many different but reliably repeatable strains we ought to have a naming system so we don't need to have a picture attached or have to go looking for what they're talking about.
alrighty Azurel, wanna buy some for half that price? LOL! i actually think they look more like the reds to me. the orange is nice but i couldn't get a pic of mine to look like that unless i photoshopped them. i just fragged some and traded 20 or so of them to a buddie for some SPS frags. will see what they end up like under T-5's currently there under 250w 20k
It could be my monitor that makes them look like they might be a little more orange.....either way they are sweet.