Can I use super glue in the tank?


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I have a hole in the top of my overflow that was supposed to be for the return hose but it wouldnt fit so i cut a different spot in the top. Now i have an open spot where water flows right into and im afraid a fish is going to get into it. I was planning on getting some acrylic or plastic and putting it in the spot and super gluing it. Can i do this or should i go a different route? Here is what i am talking about in the picture it on the right hand side of the return.


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ah ok i havent started adding corals yet so if i was to buy a piece of plastic and put it on the hole and super glue it, it will work fine?


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You can super glue it. If you ever wanted to take it off, super glue would be really hard to get off, while silicone would be easier.

I would just super glue it. Use the gel, it's easier to use because it is so thick.


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Ok perfect i am about to get some now. If i ever need to cut it off i will just use tin snips and cut it thats what i did for the other hole and it worked great.


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I have used both super glue and hot glue gun. Super glue falls off very easily since it's submerged in water. Hot glue gun is much better and has been holding one of my intake tubes for 4 months.


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I would lower the water in your main tank before using the super glue, as the super glue hardens underwater my experience is the bond is fairly weak. You could just use some epoxy putty and fill the hole with that. (but the super glue would be cheaper)


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be sure it has the "c" word



Got mine from the dollar store. It does harden a bit when it gets in the water. Put a crap ton on the piece your gluing and smash it against the overflow side to get the fresh stuff out too!


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ok so i got loctite super glue control gel and it has that c word you were talking about and it worked great. i got a piece of plexiglass and glued it to my overflow and held it for about 30 seconds and now it is on there rock hard. The stuff worked great! cost about 5$ total for plexi and super glue.