Can one use empty cat litter jugs for transporting water?


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i plan to get some filtered and/or premixed water from the coral reef shop.
i have a pile of empty plastic jugs that clumping cat litter comes in and they all have screw on lids and a nice handle (i save them as they make good box fillers for when i ship costume commissions)

they should be fine right? as long as i rinse them out first? or do you suppose anything in the litter may have leeched into the plastic? (the stuff is scented after all)

i ask because i have been told one should not use empty milk jugs even if they have been rinsed.


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Some of the containers I have still have a strong perfume smell even after washing them out. I'd worry about that leaching. Is the litter you use perfumed?


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I'm with Rob. Is it really worth the risk? Just ask around to borrow some jugs or buckets if you don't have any.


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I have been using the 5 gallon screwtop jugs for years....they are a good investment. Buy them at a water store.

I believe the former MARS VP, Bruce, owns this place....great guy!!

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go to walmart they sell large 7gallon drinking grade conteainer they are square shapped and stackable I think there about $9/each and they are bright blue they are in the camping section i wouldn't use the cat litter container I use mine for old motor oil from my motorcycles before i bring it into work for recycling..