Carpet anemone going down hill?


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I have a red carpet Haddoni. Lately, it doesn't seem like it is responding to any kind of food. When I first got him about a month ago, it was eating like a champ. Now, I've tried to feed it squid, silver sides, raw shrimp and it doesn't seem like it is responding. It is still expanding when the lights are on and deflating when the lights are off but I am thinking that these are not good signs.

The last time it ate was about two weeks ago. Should I be concerned?


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Check your water parm. make sure they are ok and when you say deflating are you saying the whole way in or just a little. My green carpet stays out even when the lights are out.


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Would like some more info.

What size tank?
How long has it been set up?
What type of lights?
Current water parameters ( numbers, and not "fine" "good" "perfect" )
Is its mouth closed?
Is it attached?