Catching pistols and quick fish??


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Hey guys,

I'm just wondering for the future, how do you catch pistol shrimps, cleaner shrimps and quick fish without draining the whole tank. Is there a trick to doing this?
Thanks in advance.
I know this may not be the right area to post that question. Reason being is I don't to damage these little guys, and do it responsible way


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A drinking glass with some bait (shrimp, fish food, ect.) set on the substrate at about a 45deg. angle. Shrimp wont be able to climb out the smooth glass.


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shrimp can do this jump thing and shoot out of a glass cup ime. punch holes in a plastic container and put it in the tank upside-down to make a cage. make the holes just smaller than the shrimp, and put in some peticularly apetizing treat. They will magically find their way in(mine always do) but can't getback out. fish are harder imo. you know those lobster traps? youcouldmake something like that out of mesh and a plastic bottle and that would probably work to catch either one.
good luck!


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Traps seam to work for bold fish, but I found a hook works best all around. My shrimp you could either grab, or feed and scoop with a net.


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Someone let me know more about these fish traps I have a couple damsels I need to get out of my DT and put them in my fuge feisty ill blue devils


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I had this exact problem trying to get my little Damsel out of the tank tonight because she was constantly nipping and chasing my 2 clowns. Fortunate I didn't have secured coral so I literally had to pull out ALL my live rock and coral to be able to catch her then quickly get them all back in. It was a true P.I.T.A.

I wish I knew another way to catch quick fish.. (I think she was starting to get tired after 45 minutes of this too-I know I was)


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Make your own fish trap with a 20-30 degree drop door trap (with a rope holding it open). Put some pellets or food in, and when the greedy bugger heads it, release the rope and it'll shut the door trap. Caught a mean 6-line wrasse that way and now the pistol and shrimp goby doesn't hide anymore! :D


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My yellow wrasse sleeps under the sand bed. Just keep an eye out for where it dives under and then you can scoop out the sand with it inside. As for the shrimp mine will climb into my hand so thats not an issue. Night time with the lights off seems to be the best time. My Clowns sleep at the top water level and are easy prey for a quick net. Hope this helps. Good luck.


For quick fish, start introducing a net in the tank and just hold the net there for a couple of minutes. Do this everyday and after a while the fish won't think anything of the net. Then while the fish are feeding you swoop them up. Worked with my fish when I upgraded. And for shrimp use a trap.