caulerpa growing in display! Help!


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Looking to identitfy this caulerpa.Picture of caulerpa. I have a feeling it is caulerpa peitata but i'm not quite sure. What i really need to know is does anyone know of anything that will eat this stuff as it is now growing in my display tank :mad:! I posted this question already on the main discusion board but it quickly got left behind with no real leads. I know you guys are more into growing the stuff (which i seem to be doing too well) rather than getting ride of it but any info would be of great help. Below is some info on my tank incase you need it.

pH - 8.3, KH - 9 dKH, Calcium - 400 ppm, Nitrate - unreadable, Phosphate - unreadable.

65 gallon, 100 pounds of live rock, 2 inch sand bed.
Lighting 4 VHO 95W each, Actinic, 10,000K and two 6,500K. Twelve hours a day of light.
I actually like the way that looks....

But I can see how it could frustrate some one. I had C. racemosa gallavanting in my main tank in an older system I had...

Read this months issue of Reef keeping, the article on the rabbitfish was great. I was glad to read that as they are one of my fav type they are really good grazers...
Try bringing some into the LFS to see who likes to eat it ;) At a guess I would expect Foxface's and Zebrasoma tangs to be a good starting place based on your tank size.