Cayman Diving Recommendation?


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I'm heading to Grand Cayman at Thanksgiving and got NAUI certified with my sister planning to enjoy some diving with her there. She took a new job and, as a result, she and I will only overlap one day there and will probably only get to do a single dive. If I only have one I really want to make it count! Can anyone recommend a dive site who may have traveled there? I still plan to spend pretty much all of my other time snorkeling and on the reefs- so looking for something that is less accessible by snorkeling. Thanks!


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Lots of options - You can either go your own way as many of the sites, including one of the wrecks, are literally right off the beaches (not 7 mile beach though, you have to go to either the north end or the south there); or book a tour so you can see a few in a day. The snorkeling is excellent as well.
Stingray city is a totally diffferent experience, but you can get a package to do that along with snorkeling or diving.


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Cemetery reef. Off the beaten path. Awesome snorkeling. Best I've ever had. I heard cayman brac is a good dive site