Centeral Bleaching


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First of allI would like to say that I am new to this board. I have kept marine aquariums for many years, but am sad to say that everyday life has moved my love for the hobby backwards somewhat. I still enjoy my tanks every chance that I get and keep up on my maintance.

A little background on my main tank:
135gal reef w/ plenum
recently upgraded to a 90gal sump which will soon be a grow out tank for my cuttings.
venturi skimmer 6" dia x 50" tall (homemade)
west coast chiller
(2) 175 watt 10,000k MH
(2) 72" VHO URI (1) 03 & (1) actinic white
(2) 48" SO 03

question: My "T" Max which I have owned for over two years has had some centeral bleaching from day one. I had it placed high in the tank when I first got it but soon moved it down hoping to correct the bleaching. It is now and has been for atleast a year in the middle of the tank. The bleaching got a little better but is still there after so long. It is not getting worse nor am I worried about loseing it for it is very healthy except for this minor cosmetic blemish. Anyone have any ideas on fixing this small prop? Thanks


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Did your clam have this blemish when you got it?

If so, it could be the equivalent of a human birth mark. I do not think it is anything to be worried about at all. I would love to see a pic, if you have one. And remember all clams are beautiful! Rob


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Yeah, I am not very worried about the health of the clam. It very well may be a "birth mark".

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Many many many many Maximas have a lil bleachiness in the middle. Under 175 watt halides, that might even be expected.
More than likely if you had the clam under 400watters, in about 6 months it might color up the middle again.

Are you noticing new shell growth on your clam. As long as you are then you really have nothing to worry about, and the middle mantle bleachiness is nothing but a minor eyesore.


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Yes it has had lots of shell growth since it has been in my tank.

So do you think it is not getting enough ligh and that is what is causeing the bleaching? I find that strange because once I lowered it in the tank it did get a little better.


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i couldn't help but point out that you spelled "central" incorrectly even though this site is called reef central...