Chaeto question.


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My Nitrates are 20ppm, I want to get rid of the Nitrates so I can go reef. I am building a new stand that will accept a sump/refugium that contains Chaeto. My question is has anyone had a Nitrate problem, added Chaeto and if so what was your result??



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It should reduce it over a period of time. You can decrease feedings for the fish and do more water changes to help reduce it also.

By the way, I live in New Ken. PM me when you want some chaeto, and stop by and pick it up.


Chaeto and additional live rock are both good nitrate reducers. I added a sump/refugium to my system after it had been running for about 8 months with nitrates at 20-30ppm. The nitrates dropped to undectectable within a month of adding the sump/refugium.