Changing out a sump

So I would like to change my sump design...what is the best way to change everything out...

My plan was to have the new sump ready to go, drain water and pull rock from current sump...take equipment out...give a good cleaning while everything is out and then put new tank in place.

Plan to move heaters to main display and have powerheads moving the water while work is being done in the sump.

Has anyone done this before? Any advice you would give me?


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I've done it going from a 20gal sump to a 40b style I designed. I used new sand so I didn't stir up anything. I rinsed it very well. Then put everything else in. Livestock was last since its hard catching a reef lobster in 30lbs of rock. Then try to pour the water in like you would in the display so you don't stir up stuff as much. On the rocks or a plate is what I use.
Well the good thing is I only have rock in there.

I never incorporated a fuge and I'm a little I have 50 breeder now and going to convert to a 40 breeder so its a lil shorter and easier to work in. Going to put a nice large fuge. And I can make my return pump section smaller now that I have my ATO on the way.

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