Check out my new frag tank!!!


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Just picked up my sick frag tank made by none other than John from Advanced Acrylics. I bought a sump before, an all in one and a frag tank and the quality is top notch. I contacted him on Wednesday night and Friday night my frag tank and acrylic frag rack's are all finished!!

I have had nothing but excellent service from John and just want other to know his quality, and everytime I ordered I got my tank within a week. He used 1/2" acrylic and upgraded me from 12" to 14" height all around for free!!!! He also made some awesome black acrylic frag racks, 4 of them!

Pic's DO NOT do justice for the craftsmanship but hopefully I will have it setup and you all can come get some frags!!

Sorry if some pic's are dark / blurry I will take more once it is setup!!