cherub angel w/dottyback?


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I currently have a perc clown, royal gramma and what is called a "sunrise dottyback". All 3 are well established in my tank. It has been about 3 years since I have added any fish at all. Last January, I lost a lemonpeel angel due to an extended power outage, but the above three all survived it.

My lfs has a real nice looking cherub angel fish, also known as an Atlantic pygmy angel. It is pretty small, only about an inch or so long right now. Does anyone know/can tell me how it might get on with the other three, especially the sunrise? I think both are considered a "semi-agressive" fish.

When the lemonpeel was in the tank, they all seemed to get along pretty well, but he was the horse in the tank at the time. I'm just afraid that the sunrise will be a little hard on it, since it would be new to the tank.

Any advice/suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to add it and then he or one of the others not make it.

I have been considering one of these for a couple of months now, but the desire to get one is really starting to get strong now.

Help me out here.

Thx, for your help, Frank


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if the dotty is established, there is a very good chance of agression, cherubs are very shy and small.


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IME cherubs are actually pretty bold little fish. I keep dwarf angels with a dottyback (flame and CB with a big neon) and they get along well. All are established and have had lots of time to show their true colours, and there's no agression between them. If your dottyback is fine with a gramma and a perc, both of which are pretty passive compared to most dwarf angels, a cherub should have no trouble holding his own.
I'd make sure the angel is fat and eating well in the store; once you know he's a healthy specimen, you're halfway there. When you introduce him, I'd do so after lights out so the angel has a chance to get settled while the dottyback is 'in bed'. It sometimes helps reduce agression if two fish are added at once, I'm not sure if that's an option in your case though.


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Thx, both. Actually, I probably should have never posted this as, I think I was just wanting to get an opinion that said it would be OK, whether it is or not. As I said before, I did have a dwarf with these three, but the dottyback was the smallest and the last to be added. The sunrise does not appear to be overly aggressive, in fact, of the three, he seems to be picked on (not the right word) or "snapped" at (better word?) by the other two if he gets too close. But, I've had him a while and he has grown quite a bit, so I am just not sure how he would take to a new resident.

I love dwarf angels, having had, in the past, a coral beauty and a lemonpeel. The cherub has been at the lfs for about 6 weeks now and seems to be quite lively everytime I come in and look around.

I value both of your opinions and have been in this hobby long enough to realize that so many different things can happen. It sometimes turns out to be individuality in each fish as to how they will react. If I do make the decision to buy this guy and add him to the tank, it will just about tax the tank to its limit.

So, thx again for your suggestions/advice. I will sleep on it some more.

Thx, Frank